Dare to advance the reform of industrial and commercial quality supervision

In June 24th, led by mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Xu Guocheng and the relevant departments responsible comrades, research Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Municipal Bureau of quality supervision work, and held a forum meeting, listen to the industrial and commercial registration system reform, quality supervision and management work. Wang Yubo stressed that the industry and commerce, quality supervision work and the people’s health, safety, benefit, comprehensive deepening reform, cultivate the market main body, stimulate the vitality of the market, quality supervision department of industry and commerce, the effect will be more obvious, the task will be more arduous, the responsibility will be more important. The city’s industry and commerce, quality inspection departments must dare to reform the courage first, focus on research in the market economy system reform as space, institutional obstacles affecting the development of the market reform efforts to get rid of the bold from field experience, the courage to explore in practice, to promote industrial and commercial registration system reform, cultivate the market main body, the quality of strong city, the standardization of construction, actively as to the reform at the forefront of the province.In the city of

and Industrial and Commercial Bureau cadres and workers at the forum, Wang Yubo pointed out that over the past year, industrial and commercial departments to seriously implement the work of the provincial government, municipal government requirements, and actively promote the industrial and commercial registration system reform work, powerful, powerful and effective. Next, the city’s industrial and commercial departments must grasp the good, good practice, expand the socialist market economic system reform, to solve the problem oriented to promote the reform of the various problems encountered in the reform. Strengthen the sense of reform, efforts to get rid of the system and mechanism obstacles; strengthen the consciousness of development, cultivate the market main body; strengthen the awareness of the rules, "" handle "" relationship, to manage the market; to strengthen the sense of service, to serve the people. In the practice of the mass line of educational practice at the same time, to promote the reform of industrial and commercial registration system, etc..

for the new era of quality inspection work, Wang Yubo stressed that the quality supervision department is a professional, highly technical regulatory authorities, is an important component of the big market regulation. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to continue to strengthen the sense of reform, serious planning under the new situation of quality supervision work. First, we must understand the clear, thorough analysis, commitment and responsibility. The courage to play, good break the problem, to lay a good foundation for the reform of the market economic system. Two to the quality of the city work on the agenda, to improve the quality of management services to improve the level of development. Three strict supervision of special equipment to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. This is the municipal Party committee, the municipal government’s bottom line requirements, municipal quality supervision departments must exercise good intentions, good responsibility, grasp in place. Four is to achieve the standardization of measurement work, to promote economic and social development standardization.

subsequently, Wang Yubo and his party, accompanied by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the field view of the Qinghai province product quality supervision and inspection of photovoltaic products, agricultural products, building materials, such as on-site inspection work.


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