Happy new year to take the shape of the grassroots we will be getting better cooperatives

At noon on February 11th, Tongde County Ba Gou Xiang Kaligang Sun Village, the villagers cut down from the Yang back home on the slopes, along the road leading to the village cement road, 5 minutes walk, and met acquaintances say hello to pay New Year’s call to his sister. He was waiting for him under a Dorje, to talk with him about the development of the village’s first professional cooperatives.

Dorje Xiangqian see wife cut Yang, let the hot bed to sit down. Table stood on the fried steamed bun, Sanzi, mutton, fruit, dried fruit, beverage, wine etc.. Let a good husband while brother-in-law eat and drink, he can’t say it.

"a while ago, we Kaligang 15 family to several professional cooperatives in Xinghai County investigated too, we have decided to engage in the cooperatives. Now nearly half of the preliminary work has been completed, probably in March this year to bid down."

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