Jingyang modesty Xinzhuang Dong Xia treasure six township Qinglin were carried out supervision

Jingyang town government held in July 13th working conference on food safety, the first half of the food safety work to convey the spirit of the meeting. Asked the village village within the jurisdiction of the country cook with statistical data, and report to the service center of the town of social development, with the county food safety office conducted the country cook training class. The design of "Jing Yang Zhen rural chef details tables", "Jingyang town rural patrol running the banquet registration form", asked the village of weddings and funerals will be held in running the banquet survey, verification, registration and inspection of food materials from now on running the banquet. At the same time, the town also in June during the six flowers and other major activities during the special inspection of food safety, food safety matters such as bean food poisoning prevention arrangements.

roots township government held in July 16th in the second half of the food and drug work arrangements, to attend the meeting of the township units subordinate to the person in charge, the village committee responsible person. Chaired by the mayor Li Youquan. Vice mayor Wang Yongfu conveyed the spirit of the first half of the food and drug work conference. Mayor Li Youquan stressed the importance of the village committees should pay special attention to the rural self catering food purchase channels, purchase invoices must be required to ensure the freshness of the food, do not buy cheap cheap food. To continue to improve the food rules and regulations of the central school, the school canteen to buy food, processing, storage, tableware disinfection, sanitation and management of employees and other aspects have improved significantly. To strengthen the canteen food quality supervision, strict customs clearance, cable card ticket, establish a sound ledger. Township belongs to all units to strengthen the Township food and drug safety management, so that monthly inspection, quarterly investigation, the annual census work requirements, and effectively protect the masses of food and drug safety. At the same time, the township party committee, the government established by mayor Li Youquan as the group leader, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy mayor, the center of the school principal, Dean of health, food and drug liaison for the members of the Xun rang Xiang student nutrition improvement plan work leading group, responsible for coordinating the work of student nutrition improvement.

Xinzhuang Town Government arrangements for the work of the leading group of 4 people, vehicles, 1, the town’s 6 restaurants and the supervision and inspection of the 12 stores. In the process of inspection found expired bread, snacks 13 bags, the inspection team to deal with expired food in a timely manner and criticism of the store responsible for education. At the same time, go to the county to participate in the "six to six" activities, the operation of food for food safety knowledge publicity and education.

Dong Xia Zhen government to ensure that the "June six" the flowers will be spent during the period of food safety, from July 14th to July 16th, led by the deputy mayor, the joint industry and commerce, yamen Village police station, within the jurisdiction of the schools, kindergartens, tourist attractions, tourist village, Guanghui temple, a pharmacy, all households, farmers market, shops, restaurants, shops, cake, steamed bun flour processing factory, farmhouse, and densely populated public places to carry out the "six June" flowers before the production of food, medicine and safety inspection, the examination of the security risks found in time for rectification. Officers were dispatched 20 people (Times), check the canteen 18, private flour processing institutions 3, retail butcher shop, cake shop 3, 2 schools, 1 administrative villages;

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