nvestors are valuable market economic resources

In July 26th, the municipal government organized the 2014 Xining city development and Investment Fair in Nanjing chamber of Commerce meeting, Mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang, Wang Ping, Zhang Qian, the district and the relevant departments responsible comrades attended the meeting. Nearly 17 entrepreneurs from Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shaanxi and Henan were invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, the county departments on the construction of investment environment, investment policy, key area, key projects for publicity and promotion, the person in charge of the 17 chamber of commerce is the government how to improve the investment environment, improve work efficiency, good investment to speak, suggestions. Wang Yubo on behalf of the municipal government to concern and love this piece of land in Xining, Xining investment, expand investment, make an important contribution to promoting the city’s economic and social development around the chamber of Commerce, all entrepreneurs express gratitude. He stressed that investors are precious and scarce market economy resources. All districts and counties, departments must attach great importance to good, good, good investment guide, to achieve win-win cooperation. A good service provider is the development of services, is to benefit the people’s livelihood, we must unswervingly investment, and unswervingly expand investment. To give full play to the role of the chamber of Commerce and other intermediaries and market players. Play the role of chambers of Commerce and enterprises bridge, promotion, support and help the chambers of Commerce and business to business investment, China Merchants Group, the industrial chain investment, so that more enterprises to invest in Xining City, work together to create a better tomorrow. Wang Yubo stressed that governments at all levels and relevant departments should unswervingly do investment services, and strive to build the rule of law, justice, integrity, convenient investment environment. On the micro, to do the work, point to point docking project, the project is recommended to each of the intention of investors, partners, fine operation, and constantly improve the targeted investment, effectiveness. On the macro level, the rule of law thinking, the concept of the rule of law, rule of law and good services for each investor, the government and investors in accordance with the law, do not go scary and shortcuts, reflect the principle of rule of law; people regardless of money, regardless of the southeast northwest private public, conditions, opportunities, the program will be open fair, reflect the market principle; the government, enterprises and citizens, to build the integrity of the social system, honest, sincere service, embody the principle of good faith; to the persistence of the reform, change the style, optimize the approval process, improve efficiency, provide convenient and efficient service, promote trade and investment facilitation more embodies the principle of convenience.  

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