Organization capacity relocation site adjustment line coordination of the implementation of state ow

The transformation of the Xining Railway Station

relocation project, is a key project in Xining city construction, state-owned and public transportation enterprise in accordance with the municipal government, Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, efforts to overcome difficulties, to obey and serve the overall construction of Xining City, carefully organize capacity, with the relocation site, the adjustment of bus lines, train station relocation to coordinate the implementation of the spirit of the meeting, actively create conditions to meet the travel needs of the people. By the government’s investment in the west railway station to the 5 bus line of the 62 private vehicles on March 9th put into trial operation, the official start of operations on the 10. At the same time, 26 Road, 58 bus routes are also adjusted to the West Railway Station two.

organization of 110 public transport capacity, service west railway station along the masses travel

to ensure that after the official opening of the March 10th West Railway Station, bus services to meet the travel needs of passengers along the line. City bus company conscientiously implement the municipal government, Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, various departments coordination and close cooperation, GPS satellite positioning intelligent dispatching system of 7 bus routes leading to the west railway station 110 buses are running debugging, produced 110 vehicles head, waist and tail plate, installation of the station bar 187, a bus station bus stop, over two parking lot, a new control room 500M2 and fixed the toilet 2, two sets of transfer stop shelters, ensure that the 7 pass to the West Railway Station bus lines put into trial operation in March 9th. During the test run, according to the municipal government and the Municipal Bureau of transportation line adjustment instructions, instructions to identify 8 sites, the bus company changed the station overnight, and the new line stop rod adjustment, the installation of 15 train station bus indication sign. After 10 Yu Tian repeated adjustments, the city bus company leading to the West Railway Station bus lines have been more than normal to facilitate the west railway station after the official opening of the masses along the way to travel along the line of the 7.

migration and adjustment of the 18 lines for the railway station renovation project to make way

for the train station renovation project smoothly, the city bus company in the train station square east and West train station 5, 9 Road Station 1 road, 3 Road, 5 road, 7 Road, 9 Road, 27 Road, 28 Road, 31 Road, 40 Road, 9 bus lines originating station (end point station) transfer to the founding of South Road, 11 road, 16 Road, 29 Road, 3 bus lines to the originating station (end point station) migration to Qilian road closures, the trend of the 17 Road, 20 road, 22 Road, 32 Road, 33 Road, 35 Road, 6 bus lines are adjustment. During the city bus company departments work overtime, efforts to overcome various difficulties, debugging GPS intelligent scheduling system in the shortest time to complete the 18 routes more than 300 sets of buses and electronic map collection update, built the road control room, and update the 18 line bus stop signs and traffic the first device to ensure the waist logo, each line according to the municipal government and the Municipal Transportation Bureau in March 25th officially changed the line to run, the strong support of the reconstruction project of the train station.

actively coordinate to create transit conditions to meet the needs of the masses travel;

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