16 provinces cities districts of the young women’s athletic field

these days, the national sports training base of DOPA plateau is really busy, 2016 Chinese football youth football tournament (12 women) Qinghai Xining competition is being held here, the performance of female teenager who let everyone thumbs up.

this event is sponsored by the Chinese Football Association, the Football Association of Qinghai Province, the national plateau sports training base, Qinghai Province, a group of sports, Qinghai sports vocational and technical school. A total of 16 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, the autonomous region of the team will compete in the August 19th to 24 days of competition for a period of 6 days. The province’s young football team through this event, and the country’s elite teams learn to exchange, which will help improve the level of development and popularity of youth football in our province.