Legal Daily chief editor ray Xiaolu line interview social service management information command cen

October 22, 2012, the Legal Daily chief editor ray Xiaolu a line of 5 people in the provincial Party committee deputy secretary, the provincial comprehensive management office director Pang Runze, accompanied by the Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the city comprehensive management office director Ge Haibin, Lincheng north to interview survey social service management information Chengbei District Command Center work.
at the scene, the staff of the center detailed explanation and demonstration, through the construction of network platform for the operation of the center and work process. Provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive management and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the work of the center director Pang Runze, Secretary Pang pointed out: the center should constantly improve the management level, give full play to the role of the network platform, play the actual effect, to enhance the application value, providing a full range of services to the jurisdiction of the masses. The Ma Ruoling committee secretary and Deputy Secretary of the district and

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