From China FRST Youth Film Festival in Xining there are 1 days of the opening of the FRST Film Fe

since 2011, the Xining municipal government introduced the "Youth Film Festival – Students Film Festival", and upgrade it to create Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival ", which has four years of continuous running, after four years, Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival through the media publicity, sign system, film exhibition, University the festival theme activities as a platform, continue to let the outside world through the Xining Film Festival and cognitive, also through the activities of young volunteers, driven by a large number of young people, the movie star guests came to Xining, Xining, dedicated to the outside world will continue to bring into Xining at the same time, the city will also continue to play an active outside. Role in promoting Xining.

and the festival itself from the beginning of the little-known, to the influence of the rapid expansion of the festival, volunteer enrollment of over 10000, Xining become a large number of volunteers yearning for the pursuit of the goal of the film festival has, recruiting volunteers, including Chinese, the United Kingdom and the United States, covering more than and 600 college student enrollment, admission rate of one percent, in the Chinese rapid economic development today, the festival volunteer of this group is very active, the enthusiasm of tourism and consumption, and can drive more groups into the Xining tourism.

for four years, Zhang Ziyi, Sa Beining, Tony Leung, the Ni Ping, Wu Jing, Huang Bo, Cao Baoping, Guan Hu, Xie Fei, Liang Jing, Huang Xiaolei and other stars of the appreciation of ancient plateau charm, they use the public effect caused by media, attracting more and more people in Xining as the destination. For example, the famous director Cao Baoping said: "every year six or seven, eight or nine months, away from Beijing to Qinghai filming is the most happy thing, the city is too comfortable."." Director Guan Hu also said that this place can make people become open. The introduction of the classic quotations, has been widely spread.

currently, China · selection system of Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival has covered 37 countries in 27 languages, the city of Xining through the film selection system by filmmakers around the world, movie lovers know, has been set up in Xining is China youth film holy image. Film Festival of the cooperative media reached 142, the publicity has been rising year by year, Xining as a regional symbol of the film festival, more people are aware of the Xining youth film show in the past four years, Baidu search rate has reached FIRST.

Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival China tour, after four years of journey, covering more than 3 million passengers, including Taiwan, China show covering Hongkong, Xinjiang, Tibet 28 regions, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Chongqing City, 40, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin. One of the city tour a total of 7 stations, namely, Changchun Railway Station, YiChang Railway Station, XiaMen Railway Station, Chongqing Railway Station, Luoyang Railway Station, JiNan Railway Station, Shijiazhuang Railway Station. The school tour a total of 65 stations, and independent bookstores screenings, CYTS screenings, cafe screenings, art space projection, open-air projection and livehouse projection, commercial cinema, theater screenings and other multi show more than 30 stations. < /;

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