Atmospheric governance we put on the environmental protection of public action restaurant billboard

"we firmly respond to the call of the government to do a good job of oil pollution prevention and control work." Xining Nanshan Road, a person in charge of the restaurant pointed to the wall pasted the city environmental protection commitment to the public card, told reporters.

it is understood that in order to do a good job of air pollution prevention and control work, to further improve the living environment and the ecological environment, the formation of long-term effective supervision mechanism, Xining City District Environmental Protection Bureau to the "five small industries" published in areas of "environmental protection" commitment publicity card, actively guide and mobilize the "five small industries" business households take practical action to participate in environmental protection in the work, and give full play to the supervisory role of the public, the formation of the whole society atmosphere of co management, make a comprehensive air pollution control work to push.

at present, the catering industry in the District Environmental Protection Bureau will be "five small industries" in the first issue as the object, is in an orderly manner publicity card issuing work. In the food and beverage industry to further clarify the brand of oil fume pollution prevention and control measures and business commitment to the contents of the user, the majority of catering business support. We have said, to set an example, in strict accordance with the contents of the contents of the implementation of the public license, and voluntarily accept the supervision of the community.

it is reported that the move effectively solve the food and beverage industry, guerrilla deal with inspection, environmental awareness and other issues. The next step, the City District Environmental Protection Bureau will gradually to all the region’s "five small industries" full coverage, and take regular and irregular and special inspections combination supervision on the implementation of commitments. (author: Sheng Nan)

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