City day exhibition staged wonderful staged

August 31st afternoon, the city of Xining and the east of the city, the other day activities in the exhibition fair in full swing, with the national characteristics of the song and dance performances attracted many people come to watch Qinghai.

city day activities, with a distinctive regional customs of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau handicrafts, so that people from all walks of life to stop understanding. "I heard before Qinghai is rich in resources, travel to Xining just to the fair and just listening to instructors explain, really understand the unique products in Xining, I love the cordyceps wine taste, try to take back to my family." Ms. Ouyang told reporters from Guangdong, before coming to Qinghai, Cordyceps sinensis is only known to be a good medicine, but today at the fair to let her eye opener. Qinghai Tibetan culture always makes people from all over the country to bring the mysterious feeling, Regong Thangka painting, Duixiu Thangka, Mani stone, Nangqian pottery unbelievable production process let people come to watch the praise, the color is gorgeous, exquisite beyond compare fine handmade workmanship, addictive. This is where the charm of Xining culture, living in such a cultural atmosphere can only make us more love home." From Guoluo to reporters exclaimed phuntsog. East Sea city hall in front of the door, the fragrance of the wine makes people mutual smelling, Ledu spring to create plateau cherry, can eat healthy selenium enriched garlic sauce series of food to the public, in addition to food, DC slobber, Salar the Yellow River stone art is a beautiful legend, as if each fine stone will sing, sing out of tune, the East Sea development. (author: Zhang Mei)


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