A letter from the traffic police detachment of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau

driver friends:

you good!

in recent years, with the rapid economic and social development of our city and city civilization degree increasing, "civilized driving, comity three first" has become a conscious action of every driver, you in their respective positions on the hard, hard work, has made outstanding contribution to the construction and development of the whole city.

currently, the municipal government to speed up the pace of the construction of spiritual civilization in our city, put forward to enhance the quality of the people project ", which is an important part of construction management orderly, safe, civilized and harmonious traffic environment. However, with the city more and more vehicles and street traffic increases, honking contention channel grab the line, ignoring the comity and a series of uncivilized behavior is more prominent, motor vehicle noise pollution emerged gradually, the city road traffic congestion phenomenon began to appear. These problems not only affect people’s normal life and work order, more against the people’s health and safety of life and property, but also the overall image of the majority of drivers and the loss of city civilization. To improve the quality of the city to carry out the project, the municipal government decided that since August 1, 2009, in the city to carry out noise pollution control and traffic order rectification special action. This work has been carried out by the general public’s welcome and support, the effectiveness of remediation is increasingly significant. In order to consolidate and improve the results of rectification, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment hereby issued a proposal to the general driver: please obey the traffic regulations, the enthusiastic care and orderly traffic order, self regulate, restrict and supervise the uncivilized behavior. Especially when you drive in the beautiful Xining high streets and back lanes do not arbitrarily, please consciously whistle, do not fight road grab the line, do not drink driving, not speeding overloading, not Luantingluanfang, civilized driving, give way to pedestrians.

driver friends, you are the owner of Xining, Xining is the image of the window. Create a civilized city, create a safe and civilized traffic environment is our common goal. To you and your family, relatives and friends of peace, we look forward to continuing to do a responsibility to create a safe and civilized, smooth and orderly traffic order, for the optimization of Xining’s economic and social development environment, building a harmonious Xining out of a force, let us work together to build a more civilized, xiadou Xining safe, orderly and harmonious. Finally, I wish the majority of drivers friends safe, healthy and happy!

Xining Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment

two August 18th


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