Pay close attention to weaknesses in the annual assessment of the city

In May 23rd, reporters from the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department held a press briefing was informed that, at present, from this year the national annual assessment and three months time, I hit the city of city work will highlight key points, pay close attention to the weak link, and strive to achieve the national evaluation and ranking large forward, in order to stage the crucial battle to promote the smooth implementation of the overall creation target.

it is understood that in the next three months, the city will strictly control the evaluation standard of the national civilized city to create work, to further consolidate the standard has not yet reached the standards to improve, weaknesses and problems in the specific work to create a civilized city exists, focused and difficult to implement the plan, to ensure that the create index standard. In accordance with the standards of civilized city, to carry out special rectification action focus, vigorously carry out environmental sanitation, illegal structures, outdoor advertising, traffic roads, residential areas, business premises and other special rectification activities, the full implementation of the "in front of three", "door standard, clean up non-standard adverse cultural phenomenon of outdoor advertising, text and feudal superstition stalls, traffic violations remediation efforts to strengthen governance, all kinds of traffic, strengthen environmental monitoring and inspection and control, reduce and eliminate environmental pollution, beautify the walls along the street and the building, and strive to purify and beautify the city, green lighting work, on the basis of the existing overall level, standard, new class struggle, to achieve relevant evaluation standard. To strengthen the city infrastructure construction, improve the supporting project, to ensure that the cultural venues, city sewage treatment, urban streets, residential building according to the proportion of public toilets, garbage cans, LAN, community schools, public places, public announcements and other cultural activities of city infrastructure and improve standards, strengthen the service function of the city. At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive management of public security, to create a safe Xining; carry out the credibility of credit activities, the construction of good faith in Xining.


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