Bus often change line residents travel spectrum a text of the mayor Wang Yubo made instructions to

evening of July 3rd "bus line trip did not often change the spectrum" article editions, immediately attracted the attention of the relevant departments, mayor Wang Yubo instructions, requirements of city traffic bureau as soon as possible measures to improve public travel difficult situation.

"bus line residents did not often change the spectrum" reported in the paper the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market section of large vehicles transporting goods more often caused by traffic congestion, some of the original by Sea Lake Road, driving the bus was forced to temporarily diverted to other lines, seriously affected the residents along the railway. The problem in the afternoon Traffic Bureau leadership attaches great importance to immediately organize the city bus for site investigation, held a special meeting, and held talks with community members. Through field investigation and discussion found that large trucks Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market (trailer) around more often caused by road congestion, some buses in this section of pressure is serious, and there are a number of bus lines changed lines and some drivers ignore road patency without change line, meeting decided to take measures to solve the sea lake road the market people travelling to the surrounding area.

city traffic bureau for city bus company, city transport company, the city through the company and transport of 6 road, 9 Road, 14 Road, 24 Road, 30 Road, 35 Road, 42 Road, 106 Road, 8 bus lines run by the regular and irregular inspections, found not complying with the provisions in line run or unauthorized change line operating company or driver, ordered the immediate rectification and punishment; also a comprehensive inspection of the operation of the city’s other bus lines, all without the approval of the public line, bus companies or driver shall not arbitrarily change the running route, otherwise it will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of punishment; the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market around the key section, strengthen communication and coordination with the city traffic police, urban management departments, establish the peak period of key sections of traffic control and law enforcement inspection mechanism, focus on remediation of large trucks (trailer) Luantingluanfang stalls Stall Jeeves and bus line without change problem. At the same time, in the rush hour traffic, transportation departments in conjunction with the traffic police departments to increase traffic to divert efforts to ensure the smooth road traffic, in the peak period, the transportation departments to strengthen law enforcement inspections, to ensure that the bus route by running. (author: Xiaofeng)

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