Operation Sonnenblume

these two days, there is a word in a lot of people spread widely, that is "sunflower". "Hello, ‘sunflower’," we look for ‘sunflower’, I come to donate"…… It turned out that the people in the mouth of the sunflower is the evening news sunflower city love action.

Following the

Evening News "sunflower" the first big love action volunteers "to send their children to a school" after the start of the hotline contributions donated to the public as one falls, another rises, in a continuous line, from the heavy love like tidewater, the summer corner fell stuffed to the brim.

just a week, the evening news sunflower city love action has gradually penetrated into the city’s various units, communities, families. "Evening news’ sunflower ‘action is too creative! The name of energetic and catchy, particularly good in mind." I did not expect the evening news’ sunflower ‘action as well as novel and unique logo, so the heart must be full of love." I hope the ‘sunflower’ action as the evening news volunteers love action brand, like the eye-catching logo, spread."

in our city into a city when tackling, a large series of actions can lead to the city’s volunteer activities is imminent, therefore, the Xining Evening News Evening News launched a creative "sunflower" the action of love. Evening news sunflower love action aimed at the sun, the warmth of the relay, relay love. "Sunflower" is to bring people good hope of flowers, inspire people to pursue the light. At the same time, sunflower symbolizes a full of love, full of hope.

in order to make the city of love will be a condensed, calling on the city action offer care volunteer activities do sound familiar to everyone, a city to carry out the work of the booster, the evening news editorial board love action group after extensive collection, screening, and ultimately determine the "sunflower" for the evening the city of love action name from 38 candidate list in the city, I hope people from all walks of life to love, let love pass together, hope, dream of flying.

at present, the evening news sunflower love the city’s first large-scale volunteer charity activities to send a bag to carry on.

love is not a drop of water, but a sea. In this ocean of love, we also hope that there will be more willing, responsible, able to love people and love to join the enterprise. For people who need help to cheer, to send warmth to the children in trouble, because you love others, life will be happy and happy to add. We believe that at this time you, the heart must be full of warmth and satisfaction. (author: Sheng Nan)

warm tip:

: please donate items (as long as the new clothes), cash donated directly to the Xining evening news agency Wenbu administration "evening news" sunflower "city love action" group (South Gate Street, No. 43 Xining evening news agency 107, room 113). Donations, donation details will be in the Xining evening news official micro-blog (http://s.e.t.;

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