From 1 to May this year Xining destroyed the drug gangs in the city of

"the new breed of drug users has slowed noticeably, the basic control of drug addicts on social aspects, gradually reduce the social harm of drugs, drug crimes are a powerful blow, 1 to May this year, the city destroyed 14 drug gangs." This reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment in June 26th.

it is understood that the drug control departments of the city to fight against drug crimes as a major task of public security work, has launched a special action to combat sporadic drug trafficking, the rectification of song and dance entertainment, a powerful blow to the drug-related criminal activities. 2010 1 to May, the city has cracked 62 cases of drug trafficking, the destruction of the drug gangs in the past, the destruction of a drug processing point, seized heroin, heroin, methamphetamine, 3476.98 grams of methamphetamine, and a total of 3393.35 grams. A case of human possession, drug trafficking cases uncovered in the armed drug trafficking cases, drug trafficking cases with mail.

at the same time, in order to reduce the breeding of new drug users, reduce relapse rate, strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal drug police personnel, since 2009 to make a total of 1693 people among them, decided to rehabilitation, community rehabilitation drug enforcement 874 passengers, 819 passengers, basically no control of drug addicts in the target society face.


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