80 poor patients will receive free treatment

Chinese Red Cross foundation, armed police general hospital, Qinghai Red Cross in mid January to start the new year to go grassroots – Qinghai bright line activities. In this event, 80 poor cataract patients in our province will receive free treatment. Up to now, 37 poor cataract patients in our province to get free surgery, surgical success rate of 100%.

the average elevation of 3000 meters above sea level, alpine hypoxia, strong ultraviolet radiation, the natural environment is difficult, the people of agricultural and pastoral areas due to the natural environment, the incidence of cataract is much higher than the rest of the country. The new year to go grassroots – Qinghai bright line activities in the implementation of the province, marking the Qinghai Red Cross humanitarian assistance has been further expanded the field of poor cataract patients with a new way of salvation. In January 23rd, the Armed Police General Hospital, vice president Liu Huiliang, Chinese Red Cross Foundation assistant secretary general Lei Shumin, executive vice president of Qinghai Red Cross Sun Lin, went to the Qinghai Armed Police Corps Hospital Visit condolences to our province to receive free treatment of poor cataract patients, postoperative recovery of patients with a detailed understanding of the situation, wish them a speedy recovery, donated blankets and other items for every patient, and invited well-known calligrapher in our province at the scene for patients presented writing couplets. At the same time to the hard work of the medical staff, especially the armed police general hospital ophthalmology experts fear the cold plateau, visit the front line to carry out surgery to express my heartfelt thanks.


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