Entrepreneurship to make money to ignite a good project to ignite the fire

a good project can change the entrepreneur’s life, seize the opportunity is to seize the success! So choose a good business to make money, seize the business opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking urgent!

the entrepreneurial projects for 25-55 years of age, more than the female high school education level. Initial investment of about 30 thousand yuan, for rent 50-80 Square Street Housing and simple decoration, the purchase of children’s toys, children’s books, small tables and chairs, etc.. Another need to hire 1 preschool professionals responsible for the implementation of children’s games, observation of children’s behavior, provide advice to parents. According to the actual situation to open up care, boarding and other services. Project investment is small, the risk is small, the return is stable, the annual rate of return can exceed 30%. />

if you know very much about the people in the community, you can according to their needs, set up a housekeeping service in the community, will be very popular. The establishment of domestic service agencies, less investment, small risk, quick effect, but also can be arranged for re employment of laid-off workers, good prospects for development. You can also be integrated single business projects, such as the creation of elderly care homes, kindergartens and primary schools shuttle service department, information service center, the marriage, delivery service, laundry service shops, these should be considered in your. />

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