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said ZhengXin chicken franchise is fire, Huang Bo personally for their endorsement. But such a fire chicken brand, market competitiveness is also great, really profitable?" This is a lot of chicken shops ready to join investors will have doubt, for this "profitable", small as we make the following answer.

ZhengXin chicken is joined in the popular delicacy snack industry, ZhengXin chicken has the exclusive secret chicken production process, delicious ZhengXin chicken in the market by consumers. ZhengXin chicken together chicken, meat string, tea drinks, snacks such as essence, comprehensive marketing model has a competitive advantage in the same industry. How about chicken ZhengXin profit

profits are as follows:

a pound of chicken profits in 75%, the per capita consumption of 10 yuan, calculated according to receive a daily average of 100 customers, then a day turnover of 10*100=1000 yuan, the 1000 yuan is estimated that, often every day reception number more than 100 customers. Remove the store monthly rent, according to 6000 yuan / month, the day is $200 rent, water and electricity consumption in the day of $50, according to the staff of 2500 yuan a day, the need to pay staff wages is $80.

then 1000 yuan a day income – rent $200 – wages of 80 yuan -50 yuan =670 yuan. Calculation of income of 670*30=20100 yuan, according to 30 days a month? This is just 20100 yuan income deduct the cost of chicken (a pound of chicken profits in 75%) = monthly net income is 20100 yuan. Net income is about 200000 yuan a year.

Cost analysis of

more than just according to the standard calculation, usually a ZhengXin chicken shop profits are not these, because ZhengXin chicken popularity so high, the geographical position in a little better, more profitable, plus to store number, often a day not only 100 customers, usually 200. Daily turnover is 2000 yuan, deduct the daily consumption and cost, monthly net profit of 40200 yuan, annual net income in about 400000 yuan.

month sales month net profit = monthly gross profit – salary – rent – Utilities – tax and other expenses and management fees – jiamengfei =80613-2000/ *5 allocation (5 salary) -10000 yuan (rent) -3500 yuan (utilities) – 200 yuan (tax) -900 yuan (management fee (-830) to join fee share) =26422 yuan (Chun Lirun) annual net profit 26422*12=317064 yuan.

through the analysis of small series, to join the brand profit is very impressive. If you have anything else you want to know, please

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