Create a questionnaire survey of the public voice

along with the city to create a city to step up the pace of more and more powerful, the city’s citizens to participate in the creation of the city’s enthusiasm is also rising. In June 3rd, the reporter Bingfenlianglu carry out evaluation survey activities in Xining city civilization, mutual Road community workers and residents together to fill in the evaluation questionnaire of Xining city civilized city in Qinghai Province, at the same time, the reporter also at the center of the square were investigated with questionnaire. Reporters found that, although most people are aware of the city’s work to create a city, but there are still a small part of the public is not very clear what the specific content of the work of the city.

questionnaire is a platform to express feelings

such a good survey, the popularity of the city of knowledge, but also to the ordinary people a platform to express opinions and suggestions." A central square in the questionnaire of the public Mr. Lee said, "a lot of people through the Xining evening news and other mainstream media for a city to work, have a certain understanding of the needs of the public, is the foundation of a city, we expect to have a good living environment and a city is closely related to the questionnaire gave us a a good platform to express their feelings."

create a city concept to change people’s living habits

on the same day, the reporter came to the road of mutual community, the questionnaire to the residents of the community and the staff within the jurisdiction, we immediately began to fill in, fill in the process, you made me a very lively discussion, and rushed to the residents asked reporters: "is there? I’d like to have a copy." Mutual aid road community Secretary Wang Xiaoguang told reporters: "we’ve just moved into the area of the residents here, casually piled garbage in the area of the situation is very serious, but since the government response to a city called, after all cleaned a few times a city garbage, the idea will slowly change the living habits into you in life, few people now casually in the area of stack."

window units still need to improve the quality of service

The reporter found that the

questionnaire one day in the process of our city, a city concept is no longer a vapid dogma and slogan, but as a living habits into public life, most people know that I hit the city of city work, also need to know about what to do with the city but also a city. Some people do not understand what is included in a city. At the same time, the majority of the public expressed satisfaction or knowledge of the contents of the questionnaire, only a small part of the public hospitals, public transportation and other industries and service window waiting time expressed dissatisfaction, the related departments of administrative organs, service attitude, work efficiency, with the implementation of the administrative efficiency unsatisfactory or unclear. (author: Zhang Qian Wang Qiong Jinran)

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