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Speaking of industry, most people think of the chimney, roar…… On the morning of October 31st, Gan River Industrial Park in sunny weather, fresh air. Speaking of energy saving and emission reduction, the CMC office staff smiled, I will not say. Go! I’ll show you around the two countries in our park." Voice also declined, he has been anxious to take the road in front of.The transport belt

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into things, clean and tidy working environment to our surprise. When we heard the sound of running water, we stopped to watch. "This is our cooling tower, or a drop of waste water." Wang, vice president of the company.

"heat of our projects are recognized by the United Nations!" Speaking of waste heat utilization technology, each staff are very proud. In July 2012, the project successfully registered in the United Nations Council, this is the first successful clean production project of ferroalloy industry in Qinghai province is registered, the first CDM project, to achieve the domestic industry first, to achieve a "zero" breakthrough.

"we have 100 thousand tons of silicon material production project supporting the construction of one hundred thousand tons of waste heat power generation project, completed the annual generating capacity of up to 93 million kwh, 18 million yuan increase economic benefits for the company’s annual output value will reach 33 million 696 thousand yuan." Sitting comfortably in the waste heat;

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