North of the city 3 2 information technology to promote social management innovation

North City District, the district government leading guidance center

– the province’s first district level social service management information platform built in the north of the city

Qinghai news network with the rapid development and wide application of information technology, mankind is entering a new economic era of information technology-based, information technology will provide a huge boost for the innovation of social management and city management. Chengbei district social service management information command center "North" 3+2 "project" is the current trend of the rapid development of information technology to accelerate the integration of the north area of active adaptation, a strategic reform with information technology as the main body of the new economy era. The main purpose of the North ‘3+2’ project is to expand the scope of application of comprehensive information technology in the management of basic social services, and through the comprehensive management and analysis of real time and dynamic of all kinds of information, and to provide scientific basis for the city’s overall development strategy and overall macroeconomic policy, providing faster and more convenient information for the public service area units and the masses.

social service management information command center is in the north area of the city district public service call center, North District city management command center, the North District Population Information Management Center and emergency command center, emergency Seongbuk Seongbuk video monitoring center of the district government social services management information command platform. The center will make full use of information technology, the integration of the district government departments of resources, gradually changing the traditional management mode of social services, and strive in the city and the province’s first built first-class full mode of social service management information command platform for the most advanced information technology, the most smooth operation mode, the best quality service program. In order to build the north area into a new and high technology industrial zone, a modern agricultural demonstration zone and a landscape ecological livable area! Strive to build a new Qinghai and create a new life!

public service call center in good faith for the true use of sincerity for the truth to change the hearts of the people


center to "benefit," "for the purpose of service, all-weather, all-round and whole tracking supervision services, service covers policy consulting, public services, complaints and other services related to people’s daily life in all aspects, to provide all-round, full coverage, multi function 24 hours all-weather service for the people, and effectively solve the various problems in public life. Members of the public if there is a demand for services, you can call the service hotline, the staff will be based on the needs of the user, the office of the relevant government departments or to match the corresponding service providers, to achieve the docking needs and services. The people call the service hotline telephone, can be directly located in the three-dimensional map, and shows the geographical coordinates of staff according to the address, choose the nearest, the best enterprise for its service, truly serve more accurate, more efficient, more thoughtful. In addition, the public can also be submitted by phone at any time;

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