000 cadres into the enterprise to achieve the results of the 37 Provincial Working Group and the reg

In May 15th, reporters from the province thousands of cadres into the business service activities in the forum was informed that, as of now, the 37 Provincial Working Group and the total area of funds, combing tax cuts, marketing and other aspects of the issue 454, the scene to solve the land, training and other issues 89, activities achieved initial results.

during the holiday, the working group to quantify the program of work, communicate with the joint enterprise; all regions refer to the province perfect mechanism, deployed personnel, planning. May 4th 37 Provincial Working Group, 8 provincial steering group has all been in place. By May 6th, 4460 people in all regions have been deployed in place, service companies to reach nearly 1800, the basic coverage of all industrial enterprises above Designated Size and most of the focus of small and micro enterprises.


things to do right, service enterprises to do

immediately after the start of the office, has held two times successively more than 500 meetings and training, published the "Qinghai province to cultivate and develop the market policy" compilation of documents and other types of speech, more than 1.5 volumes, open policy query WeChat platform, QQ group, with the most concise and convenient communication the supervision and guidance of the area.

the steering group at all levels to be sluggish, give notice of criticism. Office of the office of the steering group will soon take the field of thorough investigation, telephone inspectors, special inspectors, inspectors tracking, to work with the full range of inspectors, dynamic;

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