Graduate examination 8 reminder release

reporter learned from the Xining education examination, 2016 national graduate entrance examination will be held in December 26th this year, -28 (more than 3 hours of test subjects in December 28th), for the majority of candidates can successfully test examination especially to the majority of candidates issued 8 warning.

is familiar with the provisions of the examination. In particular, to participate in the December 28th design class exam (examination time is 8:30-14:30) candidates should be admitted in accordance with the requirements of the admission of the unit description of the drawing tool. Two is familiar with the environment, good travel arrangements. The candidates should be familiar with the examination room ahead of traffic routes, the specific location of the examination room and the surrounding environment, advance arrangements for travel, arrive early to avoid waiting, weather and traffic factors influencing test. Three candidates must rely on the admission ticket and valid ID card admission, documents are not allowed to enter the examination room. Four is the test ban candidates enter the examination room after 15 minutes, 150 minutes before you play quasi test. Five is the examination room for each candidate is equipped with a set of (neutral pen, pencil, pencil, pencil, pencil, triangle, eraser and knife, etc.) test stationery. Six is strictly prohibited in addition to the candidates admitted to the unit on the admission ticket to indicate the need to carry any appliances and items outside the entrance. Seven candidates are required to do a good job in the custody of personal items (placed in the home or trustee escrow), the test site is not responsible for the custody of individual items candidates. Eight candidates in the examination process should pay attention to detail, calm and calm should be tested; to abide by the law. It is understood that the graduate examination in Xining city test centers are located in Xining twenty-eighth middle school, Xining City, the twenty-second secondary school, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, Xining Hui secondary school.


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