Many initiatives to help the West harvest 265 fine days

years of good air quality days reached 265 days, the fine rate was 72.8%, the excellent rate increased by 12.25%…… In March 20th, the reporter from the comprehensive management of environmental pollution west district work conference that last year, the region through the implementation of the ban, sprinkler dust, soot source pipe network transformation "and many other initiatives, the west district environmental quality has been further improved.
in terms of air pollution. Actively carry out the "coal to gas" governance and catering industry coal fumes governance, the annual total of 14, 21, 22.1 tons of steam coal gas and 156 coal catering fume control tasks, "coal to gas" work in the city to achieve the basic zero. Strengthen the construction dust control, standardized management of muck transport, and actively carry out the work of sprinkling dust. Further increase the standardization of small and medium enterprises, the 5 heavily polluting small and medium enterprises in accordance with the law to shut down. All aspects of supervision, real-time grasp of the construction site, demolition site dynamic changes. Actively carry out environmental violations prizes reporting work, the whole year received a total of 13 people reported.
in terms of water pollution. According to the west area of the long river system management, strengthen routine inspections, deepen the the Huangshui River Basin (West Section) remediation work. The investigation carried out within the jurisdiction of the liberation and agricultural ditch along the canal, banned zhangjiewan friendship plastic processing factory. Invested 1 million 513 thousand yuan for the liberation of the village of Yang ditch water pipe network transformation to solve the problem of more than 200 households in the village of sewage discharge of more than 1 thousand and 500 people. It is reported that

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