Lake Race three provinces to build

is the vice governor of Qinghai Province, Zhang Jianmin and the mayor of Yinchuan City, Yinchuan street in Ningxia, reading the evening news of the Xining.

Yinchuan residents praised the new West Lake District

Instead of a

race around the lake, across the Tibetan Plateau, Hexi Corridor, gallop Xuandong border. This way, 17777 copies of the "Xining Evening News" follow the racing team, will be scattered in the Qinghai each stage of passion, friendship will be delivered to every stage of the Ningxia, Gansu.

July 18th, the first round of the lake into the provincial capital of Yinchuan, Ningxia. Thousands of bear the sacred mission of the "Xining Evening News" for the first time to be shipped to Yinchuan, the leaders of the Ningxia autonomous region of the district government and the Yinchuan municipal government to see, feel very warm, the mayor of Yinchuan, said to reporters repeatedly thank hp. Yinchuan people have also asked the reporter for the "Xining Evening News", can not help but praise: "this is the Xining Lake Lake area? Such a beautiful, modern atmosphere so rich, and the pavilions edifice features, is really fascinating."

day, Lake Race Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia in the battle of the earth, "Xining Evening News" along the way, to Guide, to Tianjun, to Gangcha, to Qilian, to Zhangye, to Wuwei, to Yinchuan, "Xining Evening News" everywhere, not only for local people to have a deep understanding of the lake match, also let them have a strong interest in the beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital Xining and the lake district. (author: Chang Ge)

today event

game time: on Friday, July 19th, 08:50-09:50 sign in, 10:00 game starts, 13:00 game is over.

stage name: Twelfth stage, stage


game route: Shapotou scenic spot – Shapotou South Avenue – Yingbin Avenue – Peace Avenue Palace Square (around 5 laps) – Xiangshan Road – Shapotou South Road, Yingbin Road, Ping An Avenue Palace Square (round end) – West – Shapotou South Xiangshan Avenue – ning steel Avenue Plaza S209- Zhongning county. After the transfer of 290 km to Lanzhou.

ride distance: 129.5 km (× km +12.1 km 15 km; +54 circle of 5 km)


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