North Head of state responsible for honesty pragmatic

the end of the year approaching, north area of the target assessment is carried out like a raging fire. For the implementation of clean and honest, so that leading cadres do for the people, pragmatic and honest, the afternoon of December 24th, North District held the main responsibility of the Party committee meeting of the State responsible for honesty.

7 units of twenty

in Baoziwan Town, town, Bridge Street, Chaoyang Street, Mafang street, District Urban Management Bureau, the District Construction Bureau of party leaders with the actual work of the unit, summarize and report the work this year, and from strengthening the grassroots clean government, honest government to fulfill the main responsibility, catch team, with the team, the publicity of the State responsible for honesty.

the meeting pointed out that in the future to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee, must do five points: clear responsibility, improper shuaishouzhanggui, to take the initiative to catch, strictly grasp, manage the team, with a good team, strict with oneself, as a good example of honesty in politics. Punish corruption, the corruption of "zero tolerance", the township Commission for Discipline Inspection of the occurrence of swindle in rural areas, communities, abuse of power, to gifted affectionate friends, work injustice and arbitrary charges, fines, levies and other unwholesome tendencies and corruption cases, to quickly check quick to do, safeguard the interests of the masses. Strengthen style building, focusing on important time node, increase supervision and inspection and accountability efforts, perseverance to correct the four winds". Improve the accountability system, who assume responsibility, who is responsible for the problem, we must bear the responsibility. The Party committee is mainly responsible for people to fulfill a pair of responsibility, shouldering the responsibility of a clean government departments a place. Take the lead in clean politics, Party committee is mainly responsible for people to abide by the Constitution and the standards, safeguard the party’s political discipline, organization and discipline, financial discipline, discipline, discipline, manage the team, as a good example of honesty in politics.


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