March to the new heights

– provincial Party members and cadres to focus on learning

– to two spirit soul by baptism

high standards and strict requirements to analyze their own problems

adds to the belief that it is moving towards the new heights

– this evening to push the two bombs and one satellite · spirit highland

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, with faith and life cast!

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, is the pride of the Chinese nation!

"two bombs and one satellite" spirit, build our spiritual heights!

"two bombs and one satellite" is encouraged by the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai toward the new spirit of the highlands.

is a kind of spirit, a kind of spirit, a kind of faith, a great material and spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation!

July 28th to 29, the provincial Party committee focused on the time of two days, the provincial Party members and cadres held ideals and beliefs and honest warning education activities. All of the two sides of the typical examples, especially to revisit the "two bombs and one satellite" spirit, soul by baptism, the spirit of the sublimation, enhances to the new spiritual heights for faith.

firm ideals and beliefs, and strictly adhere to the ideological and moral defense, strengthen the transformation of the subjective world, unswervingly serving the masses, dedication to Qinghai, is the common aspiration of Party members and cadres at all levels of the province!

stands in the atomic city spirit of this piece of ground, "two bombs and one satellite" spirit of encouragement and inspiration!

into the Atomic City this piece of spiritual heights, each scene of his soul into "Liangdan" research and development, every story, every one of the lofty spirit of selfless dedication, sacrifice, to accept the baptism of the spirit of a self!

into the Atomic City, through the history, we forget those amiable and respectable as the "two bombs and one satellite" developed to contribute: some of them give up foreign favourable conditions, turning back to return to the motherland; some incognito for decades, hard work in the laboratory; some lead had just graduated from college, round the clock operation, some testing; a few generations rooted in the plateau…… More memorable they selfless words and deeds interpretation of pure love, wisdom, youth and blood, created a "love the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance and hard work, cooperation, the courage to climb the" two bombs and one satellite "spirit, created a brilliant Atomic City, also left a great spiritual wealth for the world.

"221 base" withdrawal, but "two bombs and one satellite" spirit is not undone. After 30 years of great birth, "two bombs and one satellite" R & D left us "six eternal spiritual wealth:" fear of power, turn the tide; hard pioneer, selfless and fearless; make efforts, Yongpangaofeng; unity and cooperation, work together; not for fame, protect our homes and defend our country; to the national interests, home care for the country. This spirit will be the spirit of all the Chinese people’s hearts;

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