College students in Xining Province Cultural Service Group condolences to the fire brigade

recently, consisting of more than 80 students in 8 universities of Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, the University of nationalities in Qinghai province "the students into the barracks cultural propaganda service group", Xining fire brigade to show sympathy, warmly welcomed by the fire brigade.

before the performance, fire officers and soldiers to college students demonstrated a narrow space rescue operations, tapping fire rescue exercises, rescue exercises roadway fire rescue training project, fire officers and soldiers wonderful performance and superb skills to win the applause of the students. Subsequently, the performance of the fire officers and men in the momentum of the "power drum" in the prelude, the university students in the form of a unique art shows the contemporary university students in our province. The Qinghai University dance scene "Lei Feng ·" impression; the fire officers and soldiers get praise; Qinghai Normal University zither playing "Liuyang River" with deep technical skills to win the majority of officers and applause; Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College dance "passion Spain" bring hip-hop "dancing youth", fully demonstrated the unique charm of the passion of the contemporary young college students the teachers and students of Qinghai Normal University; recitation of "man", the camp Qinghai animal husbandry and veterinary medicine Career Technical College dance "laundry song" sing the praises of the society from all walks of life to the contemporary revolutionary soldier’s deep feelings and the infinite love of the people’s army; East fire brigade Meng Lingzhi solo to the motherland "children", sing out of contemporary college students and the fire brigade with children for the motherland, beautiful the common desire to strive for the prosperity of the country . The show lasted 2.5 hours, although there is no luxury stage, not a riot of colours light, but there are students performances hot love team members, with the officers and men of joy and laughter.

fire officers have said, will take this as an opportunity to show sympathy, to further promote the construction of police culture, police culture will be transformed into spiritual power to make efforts, into disaster relief, rescue fire fighting force, continue to make new and greater contributions to Xining’s economic development and social harmony and stability. (author: Chen Minghou Zhang Yun)

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