12328 open the admissibility of consulting complaints 69

In October 28th, reporters from the provincial emergency support network center was informed that the 12328 transportation services industry supervision hotline opened our province on September 1st, in a month’s time has received complaints from the masses and consulting 69, each one got satisfactory treatment. 12328 transportation service telephone supervision efforts to solve the transportation industry supervision service number is not unified, the masses complaint channels, information consultation is not convenient, promote the realization of transportation service supervision, complaints, advice, information and consulting services to accept one, improve the transport capacity and service levels, improve the degree of recognition and the satisfaction of the masses. 12328 business telephone system horizontal coverage of highway and waterway, road transport, city passenger transport, maritime, salvage, civil aviation, railway, postal nine areas; vertical department, province city county four class. Call service center in Qinghai received 69 calls, complaints reported 13, accounting for 19%; information consulting, accounting for 71% of the total number of opinions and suggestions of the 5, accounting for 7%; emergency rescue of 2, accounting for 3%.  

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