More than 90 thousand households to change the formation of the formation of the potential

Qinghai paper factory area, garden area shantytowns transformation is stepping up implementation, some households within the area will stay in the resettlement areas for full implementation; Shen Zhai Qi City area, such as village shantytowns, also let more and more farmers close to city life. November 6th, the reporter learned that, in order to shantytowns oriented housing construction under the guidance of the province’s comprehensive construction of more than 90 thousand new shantytowns project, has formed the trend of shantytowns. From the 14 shantytowns Chengbei District Menyuan Road area transformation, to the East District of rhyme ieguchi, pay in resettlement housing construction; from the city center to the South Qi Xiang Xiang Chao Yang Xin Cun, shantytowns in our province has penetrated into all aspects of city, industrial and mining enterprises, villages and urban and rural areas, those who have. One building, long service life, supporting infrastructure, security and more dilapidated shanty towns, is the transformation ushered in the new look. Currently, the province this year to determine the implementation of the 110 thousand and 500 sets (households) affordable housing has started 105 thousand and 700 units (households), of which shantytowns project amounted to 9.11. According to reports, this year, the province actively promote the various regions of the city’s affordable housing and shantytowns, rural housing construction, and the protection of housing construction and the construction of new rural communities and plateau beautiful rural integration. The provincial finance department to arrange funds in advance to start the implementation of the 2014 City shantytowns project; construction departments to the 2017 shantytowns planning, the task decomposition, implemented in cities and counties, to block decomposition. This year in the construction of low-income housing, low rent housing in our province will include all public rental management, implementation of unified planning, construction and operation management, and actively implement the National Development Bank, 10 billion 659 million yuan loans shantytowns, strict access to low-income housing allocation and management, strengthen the management and use of post occupancy, these measures have made the province into low-income housing the construction management of the track more smoothly.  

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