Create a civilized city of Xining and then to the sanitation workers a resting place

Beautiful summer, there is a group of lovely people, regardless of the cold, heat, keeping the city clean, they are sanitation workers. However, these hard city beautician from dawn to sunset to work hard, but not a resting place. Even the day, some people appealed to the sanitation workers a resting place

enthusiastic citizens: sanitation workers are not easy

August 14th, this newspaper, listen to the voice of the 6 sanitation workers, a text published, causing widespread concern of the public. Recently, many members of the public through the newspaper appealed, hoping to give the sanitation workers a resting place.

August 20th, Mr. Wang, who lives in the east of the provincial capital of Chaoyang Road to the newspaper 96369 news hotline said, sanitation workers in the city to pay the hard work of the beautiful, impressive. However, they are busy from morning to night. But no place to rest, I hope the relevant departments or units, to sanitation workers to provide a shelter pied-a-terre.

, 16, who lives in the provincial capital of West Main Street uncle Liu to the newspaper news hotline reflect rain this year than in previous years, a rainy day, sanitation workers have nowhere to hide from the rain, some people even have no raincoat, can only stand in the rain under the eaves or under trees. There is no place to rest, sanitation workers can not even take food, it is recommended that the street shops can provide places for sanitation workers, care should be taken to protect these people working hard for the urban environment.

Ms. Lee to the newspaper news hotline, she witnessed a sanitation workers want to pick up a cup of water in a unit to drink, but the scene was driven by security. There is no sanitation workers, how to clean city! They have no place to rest, even drinking water has been refused, sad." Ms. Lee said.

reporter visits: tired tired only roadside sit

21, when the sun is just the head, the sanitation workers of the high school of the 54 street to pick up a large tree branches, not far away from the garbage collection car to go to. He looked down at his head all the way, and found that cigarette butts, paper scraps, would bend over and pick up. This year 42 year old high school teacher has a working age of 7 years, responsible for the sanitation of the streets of the city of 54. Tired, in the wall under the eaves and sit for a few minutes; rain, rain in the nearby shops. High master wiped his forehead Khan said: "fortunately, this live tired point, but very happy to do, the supermarket shops along the street have not caught me, and sometimes give me a drink. But if there’s a place where we can rest, that’s great."

48 year old sister Gu and Wu sister from the countryside, responsible for the provincial capital of the traffic lane cleaning work has been for three years. 12, they use a broom to sit on the edge in the hole, no place to take water for thirst, Gu sister bought a muskmelon, called nearby workers, to share with everyone.

Wu sister said, she gets up at 4 every morning, 4:30 arrived at the traffic lane began to clean up the garbage, near the restaurant the night before leaving;

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