How to open shop to make money

open shop is now the trend, then how to open shop to make money? What do you want to open a successful online skills? Let me make a small series of people together to look at it!

is also open shop business, profit model has many kinds, not just through the net sales profit. For example:

There are a couple of


to 4 that year, the two of them he opened a real estate agency, is the beginning of a small husband and wife two people, men often find housing on the outside, and the woman responsible for the reception of customers at home, and publish information on the internet. Because have a lot of experience, their hands so they trained staff is also very powerful, slowly, their real estate intermediary companies grew into their city in the relatively large size of the chain of intermediary services company. When they know me, the assets have been great, the man opened the BMW 730, the woman opened the Audi TT, has a lot of money. From their point of view, they do not have to go with their classmates to squeeze the net sales of this road, but chose to do their own expertise in the real estate intermediary this road.

to last year, the real estate intermediary business is done, this day is sad, so they began to find a way out. After listening to one of my classes, they were inspired to think of a "reverse Taobao shop". The so-called reverse Taobao shop, I put forward a few years ago, a concept, the effect is: through the open in the residential area for the elderly residents of Taobao purchasing service, to profit! I have this idea, because I saw a lot of elderly people in China are not familiar with online shopping, but also do not trust, so it is necessary to combine online shopping and store services do. In actual operation, you do not need to invest too much, as long as you near the residential area to open a store, the store symbolically displays some samples, and the most important, is to have a group of people, every day in the Internet, including the cheapest and most affordable Taobao sources, and through computer the screen and print out the information sheet to the residents recommended, if necessary, you can also initiate group purchase.


normal Taobao shop, is the line supply get online to sell, and this model, is the Taobao store on the line down the things to sell, the normal Taobao shop to do is on sale, and this kind of Taobao shop to do the purchasing work, so I called the "reverse of Taobao". They couple just have such conditions to do such a thing, because the original real estate intermediary chain stores, they are very

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