Consolidate the unity of national unity and religious harmony based on Xining citizen committee dire

Xining is a multi-ethnic, multi religious region, once, soil, Tibet, Sarah and other 35 ethnic minorities, 537 thousand and 500 minority population, accounted for 25.6% of the total population, is the provincial capital (capital) higher proportion of minority population in the city of a city.

in recent years, Xining’s national unity and progress in the forefront of the country. All this with the strong leadership of the Xining municipal government is inseparable, and bears the city’s ethnic and religious work of the Xining Municipal Commission, bureau of religious work is inseparable from the director and the people of Xining Committee, bureau of religious affairs Wang Jiangchuan hard.

2003, Wang Jiangchuan served as director of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress, the Bureau of religious affairs. In order to do the work of national unity, harmony and stability of Xining religion, he took the initiative to strengthen learning, lay a solid theoretical foundation, in-depth line, solid research, mastered the first-hand material, has accumulated rich experience, and the use of learning outcomes, practice, efforts to solve the hot and difficult problems in the field of ethnic and religious work, found signs of attention the problem, guide counties will solve many problems at the grassroots level, in the bud.

2003, the provincial Party committee decided to carry out national unity and progress in the province to create activities, for the activities to create a good and realistically achieve tangible results, in-depth research, grassroots investigation led by the relevant departments of Comrade Wang Jiangchuan, the formation of a scientific and feasible ideas and focused. The key to the success of the activities is to strengthen the propaganda and expand the participation of the masses. He proposed that the propaganda education should innovate the way and method to improve the effectiveness of propaganda education. In the way of leading cadres, Party members and cadres, farmers and herdsmen masses, urban residents, religious staff and other different levels of teaching. According to statistics, the activities of the city’s cadres and workers and students to reach 98% of the educational level, enterprises and institutions workers reached an educational level of 95%, farmers and herdsmen to reach the educational level of the masses by up to 90%.

Wang Jiangchuan knows, Xining city to maintain national unity and progress of work not loose momentum, the intensity diminished, so unremittingly, often grab new, it is necessary to establish a complete system, strict requirement, system operation is strong. In the strong support of the municipal Party committee leadership, he presided over the completion of the national unity and progress in Xining five aspects of long-term mechanism, so that the creation of activities into a regular, standardized track. Through the national unity and progress to create live

, the city’s cadres and the masses to enhance awareness of national unity and progress, " three cannot do without " the idea of firm, community care, support and participate in the national unity and progress of the atmosphere, we knew there was condensation of Comrade Wang Jiangchuan’s wisdom and sweat.

Since the

"peaceful monastery" construction activities, he according to the "Regulations" management of places of religious activities, put forward specific objectives and tasks of social management of venues for religious activities, so that the duty of management of Xining City, temple clear task clear, promote the religious work in the new system and mechanism;

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