How are the children fighting for winter vacation

Today is the spring school day, in recent days, the children are in the network, telephone and other competing for their winter vacation life, some people proud, some people depressed, someone complained…… Reporters learned that after investigation, interesting content, enrich the winter vacation life, bring the child is happy in the growth, dull content or negative winter of life, to the child’s physical and mental fatigue, torture or interest lost, and the numerous behind, and many parents helpless.

negative winter vacation life so that children lost

talking about reading primary school grade three son Qiqi, who lives in the small bridge street Zhang seems helpless. Zhang said, Qiqi brought up by his grandparents, simply do not listen to him and his wife. Just put in the winter vacation, the couple plans to send Qiqi to draw classes to learn painting, a listen to the scene on the scene to refuse to go to the mood, and told her parents to the shape of the grandmother and grandfather, like the first time to go to school to learn to draw a picture of the father and mother of the…… In this way, usually busy working no time to manage the couple had to go by the couple. Anyway, I thought the old man looked at the amount of his son can not turn. Although the son can not turn day, has become a typical "TV control", every morning the first thing is to open the endless TV, watching cartoons, only to see a pitch-dark until he was sleeping. Coincidentally, the son of a friend of the horse is on the second day, also refused to attend classes on the winter vacation, every day at home with a computer to play online games…… See these two days to the school, began to catch up with my homework. It is understood that these children prefer to stay at home in the winter vacation, which do not go, lack of communication with people, indulging in the illusion of the world every day, interest, character orientation will be different degrees of deviation.

distressed winter vacation life let the child suffer

this kind of child’s winter vacation life is a word – bitter! The parents of these children or Wang feng-f eager, or is afraid of children a winter vacation at home unattended "people play the gangster"…… Are invariably reported to the child more than two classes of interest or cultural classes, so that the child’s holiday life is to learn every day, learn from time to time to do something else".

to achieve the goal, the parents of such children are not bad money and particularly willing to spend money". In late January, the reporter learned that in the process of the joint inspection unit and follow our winter vacation class illegal "black school", some "black school" a winter vacation for each child fee as high as 1 yuan, junior high school students on the yuan, but also on million pupils…… Thus, parents are costly. But how does the child feel? Xining, a middle school girl Qian Qian (a pseudonym) said: the whole holiday has been damned cram class, interest classes and winter homework accounted for, especially want to read a few books have been no time to see…… Now the school, and no time to read. Qilian Road Primary School Grade Three obviously (a pseudonym) said: the winter vacation was forced to calligraphy classes, piano classes, English classes…… Life is boring!

enrich the winter vacation to let the children proud

this kind of children is undoubtedly the most happy children in the winter vacation, and they are full of health, people interested in the challenge of their own through the diffuse;

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