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saw great changes in Qinghai in the past 5 years, I feel especially proud of Qinghai in" better development 13th Five-Year "period, I am full of confidence." In the province’s 12th Five-Year economic and social development achievements exhibition site, just visited the exhibition of the public, Mr. Wang such feelings. It is understood that since the 12th Five-Year launch of achievement exhibition, has become the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to understand the situation, our province foreign propaganda window, causing everyone as a member of the Qinghai people’s pride, enhance the development of cohesion and centripetal force, forming a "review" in 12th Five-Year by the strong gain a sense of "13th Five-Year", prospect boost the development of confidence "campaign.

exhibition is divided into "building national ecological security barrier" to promote the sustained and healthy economic development "and" improve people’s livelihood and well-being of people of all nationalities "in three parts. A paragraph of text, a picture, a group of data to reflect the development of the past 5 years, Qinghai, a comprehensive display of the province in 12th Five-Year during the economic and social development achieved fruitful results.

National Day coincides with the holiday, there are a lot of scene in the exhibition, show the public with children, the elderly. Chen, who lives in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County early in the morning with their parents, with their children came to the provincial museum. Ms Chan said: want to let the old man to see the great development and change in Qinghai, but also through this exhibition to educate children to understand the history of Qinghai, so that she is more heated love home." "The change in Qinghai is really earth shaking!" MS Zhang Juan lived in the province after visiting the exhibition said, "leave home for more than and 10 years, came back to see the tall buildings, heavy traffic, economic and social development is really fast. But I am proud of is the hometown of the blue sky and green mountains and rivers still."

reporter saw, in the exhibition also set up a "12th Five-Year" achievement exhibition guestbook for everyone to leave a message, "before leaving Qinghai, had the honor to visit the ’12th Five-Year’ achievement exhibition, ‘great beauty Qinghai’ worthy of the name!" Signed a message for the evaluation of the Northeast tourists. "12th Five-Year," the achievements of the exhibition content rich, strong visual effects, a full range of our province in the past 5 years, the development of the results, as the people of Qinghai feel glorious, wish Qinghai tomorrow better and better!" Mr. Lee left such a public speech.


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