Connection nterpretation of the 4 issues of concern to the people

to reduce the cost of more than 5 billion yuan;

urban and rural residents basic pension per capita standard increased by 15 yuan;

to speed up the medical insurance inter provincial remote medical settlement;

to do a good job in the Hoh Xil declaration of world natural heritage sprint work, and strive for the success of the inscription;

actively develop enterprise annuity, occupational pension, commercial pension insurance……


of these initiatives mentioned in the "government work report", not only become the NPC deputies and CPPCC members of a hot topic, it has become a hot issue of the people most concerned about, these will fall in 2017 move, will bring about changes for people living in Qinghai? Evening news reporter in the province, the two sessions on the relevant departments in charge of the connection, as we interpret the livelihood of the people behind the livelihood of these benefits.

(reporter Shi Xiang)

How to reduce the cost of

50 billion yuan enterprise

[Key words] reduce the cost of enterprise

[direct government work report] to increase tax cuts and fees, and strive to reduce the annual cost of more than 5 billion yuan.

[public concern] how to reduce the cost of 5 billion yuan?

[connection] provincial economic and Information Technology Commission

2017, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission will fully mobilize all positive factors, the formation of working together, continue to promote the elements of profits, tapping down tax measures, the fees for the whole year, reduce the enterprise cost more than 5 billion yuan, to promote the business environment improved significantly, reduce production costs.

first, reduce the tax burden. Full implementation of the national structural tax cuts and universal reduction policy. The implementation of enterprise charge list management mode. The implementation of the current unemployment, industrial injury, maternity insurance to reduce the rate policy, phased reduction in unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance rates and housing provident fund deposit ratio.

two, reduce factor costs. Continue to promote the power generation business users with direct trading, the implementation of industrial gas market reform policy, the implementation of Railway "price" policy, increase the highway toll concessions, reduce gas and electricity, logistics cost of enterprises.

three, reduce financing costs. To promote the financial institutions revolving loans, loans Xudai rolling, continue to expand the scope of application of the main policy, and further increase the clean-up standards and inspection fees illegal punishment, strictly regulate the service charges, no charge does not match the quality price and service charges. Continuous innovation of financing tools, optimization financing scheme, broaden the financing channels, and actively provide financial advisory services for enterprises, promote the enterprise comprehensive take public listing, issuance of shares, transfer of shares, bonds and other ways to optimize the financing structure, reduce financing costs. Reduce corporate high interest bridge financing costs, a reasonable set of small and micro enterprises liquidity loan period. Effectively play a good role in the province, such as the policy group Guarantee Corporation, reduce financing costs. Comprehensive use of industrial development investment fund, after the grant, the project loan discount;

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