Help create the work of the city of Xining allocated about seventy million yuan to protect soil and

Even the day, Xining city has allocated two funds to support the protection of natural forests, the three North Shelterbelt Project and the soil and water conservation project. Among them, a total of 42 million 590 thousand yuan investment in soil and water conservation plan, natural forest protection and the three North Shelterbelt in the three phase of the project is planned to invest $34 million 620 thousand in order to better support the creation of the national forest city of Xining.

it is reported that the investment funds will be mainly used for soil and water conservation in the east of the black forest in Datong County Comprehensive Treatment Engineering, fire ditch basin Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of Xining City, river basin management project, 3 small watershed dam construction projects and comprehensive control of soil erosion in Huangzhong County West of Huangyuan County Nachuan watershed slope land project, two new pilot project project. The implementation of the project has a total area of 69.3 square kilometers, which can improve the ability of soil and water conservation in the project area, and promote the virtuous cycle of the watershed ecology. The natural forest protection investment fund two period and the three North Shelterbelt Project will be planted 40 thousand and 200 acres of forest, 45 thousand acres of artificial arbor shrub afforestation 170 thousand acres, the project will further improve Xining city’s ecological environment and natural landscape, to accelerate the creation of National Forest City in Xining city pace. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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