Chengdu entrepreneurial environment good 210 thousand people started in Chengdu last year

, Chengdu innovation and pioneering work we can see from the number of entrepreneurs on according to the survey, 210 thousand people in Chengdu last year, a good business environment will attract more people to the Chengdu business, and these business groups, mostly in youth.

this shows that a variety of investment opportunities in the development of Chengdu economy coexist, large investment projects, small investment also have the opportunity, Chengdu convenient environment of market access for small investors given equal opportunities for development, "elephant" and "ants" can dance in the core of western economic growth pole development platform.

for grassroots entrepreneurs, opportunities for development changed the north and "supportive global policy through the office makes a lot of entrepreneurs in the sights of Jinniu District, Chenghua District. In the last year, there are 33278 individual industrial and commercial households in Jinniu District was born, the number is far more than other regions.



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