For the life of the city into the city of happiness clean Qingming positive energy Xining city to

The song

a song melody often from Xining community came, a novel the rolling block in the big screen advertising broadcast, a picture tells a story "clean in the party and government organs at all levels in the corridor"……

in recent years, Xining city in the continuous improvement and system construction, strengthen supervision, always clean government propaganda and education as a basic task, in the consolidation of the improvement and innovation in the development, reform, jizhuoyangqing, set upright, win the hearts of the people, the initial formation of the clean government "missionary" pattern in the whole society, to create a good atmosphere of anti-corruption.

– seize the key, build a strong anti-corruption defense

in September this year, Xining City area, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County 3 party and government leaders publicly perform a pair of work, attracted the attention of party representatives, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, news media representatives, representatives of the masses to actively participate in the review, the problems raised by the masses sharp reality the relevant departments in charge, "replied frank. This new and unique way to perform their duties in the province is the first time.

the past written report report, face to face face face to face questions, answer, introduction of the party and government leaders to perform a pair of responsibility to report, "a pair of face to face in report on the work of municipal units, district level gradually expanded and the formation of the system. A separate assessment, for the construction of punishment and prevention system and clean government building separate punishments, a veto, introduced the responsibility assessment of rewards and punishments to the construction of a clean government, the first in the province implemented by the Municipal Committee led assessment.

to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education, Xining always adhere to the leading cadres, holidays, real power sector and other key objects, key periods, key areas of education. Through the main party and government leaders to carry out honest talk, honest knowledge testing and other activities, organize the majority of Party members and cadres to listen to watch warning education films, strengthen the warning education of Party and government officials. The holidays, children’s education, hospital and weddings is the key opportunity for education. During the period, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice requiring the leading cadres to strengthen self-discipline and austerity work, leading cadres in positions change, insist on honest conversation, and insist on every quarter to send a leading cadres honest message, they guide the ideological and moral defense against corruption and build a strong power sector; the management of money, pipe material, pipe is the key areas of clean government propaganda, the implementation of municipal leadership track inspectors contact key projects, adhere to the management of land use right, construction project bidding, government procurement, property transactions and cadres in key areas such as the implementation of free education and supervision, to strengthen anti-corruption education, has received the good education effect.

since 2010, 99 new mention of any county leading cadres were honest conversation, since July 2011 of above mention any of the leading cadres at county level of the knowledge test, 660 members of the illegal cases happened;

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