113 freshmen in the city district hi hi

this year, admitted to Qinghai Normal University with excellent results in the small Qi, in September 19th from the central poverty relief fund for the payment of money received after the ceremony was particularly pleased that his college tuition has landed. This year, the city invested 312 thousand yuan to help the newly admitted poor college students, so that the area of the 113 students round the University dream.

in recent years, the city Party committee, the district government attaches great importance to the development of education, is very concerned about the children of poor families. After all the efforts of the region, the area of relief for poor college students is more extensive, the greater the amount of funding, the number of more funding, in 2011 the district was funded 105 poor students, the implementation of funds of $284 thousand. This year, the District Civil Affairs Bureau once again lend a helping hand to the poor students, poor students in the area of urban and rural residents, five households in senior high school entrance examination into the ordinary institutions of higher learning public grants issued a total of 312 thousand yuan. (author: Rong Lijun)


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