the original ecological folk dance Plateau snow unveiled the National Ethnic Arts Festival openin

8 on the evening of 18 August, the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival opening ceremony Gala was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. The party, from Qinghai’s original ecological folk dance "Plateau snow" wonderful debut, won the audience’s praise.

as a unique form of Tibetan Guozhuang dance, with thousands of years of history, known as the "living fossil Chinese circle dance". The party, from Qinghai province banma County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture banma color art troupe of actors dressed in national costumes, energetic, passionate, with the national folk dance form full of Tibetan children under the leadership of the party, and all ethnic groups live together in peace together, work together with one heart and harmonious development of the happy life of the Tibetan people to express. The great motherland sincere love. Their enthusiasm for the performance of the show at the scene set off a climax, the audience applause, admiration.

It is reported that three

, banma Art Troupe is a folk love minority culture by local farmers and herdsmen composed of young students and arts groups, participated in the national and provincial various performances and competitions, and in 2015 the national folk dance contest and won first prize.


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