5A level scenic limit day tour number

The world is so big, want to see, but the attractions are overcrowded, no parking, playing well, eat well, it will make people less happy. August 4th reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, the National Tourism Administration announced the country’s 31 largest tourist attractions in the urban area of 5A, including the maximum daily load and the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of the class two. Our province two 5A level scenic Qinghai Lake scenic area of the island on the carrying capacity of 5 thousand passengers, 20 thousand passengers, two Lang Sword Fairy bay island 5 thousand passengers, 5 thousand passengers; Xining Kumbum Monastery scenic area on the carrying capacity of 22 thousand and 500 passengers. I will take the city tourist attractions to create the National Tourism standardization demonstration city "upgrade", through the implementation of the project construction and service facilities to enhance the management level and capacity.

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