Breaking the bottleneck of the traffic to release the traction of Qinghai Tibet Railway Qinghai Tibe

"if you want to run fast, all depends on the front seat belt." Built in the snow covered plateau of Qinghai Tibet Railway for ten years, not only broke the traffic "bottleneck" Tibet two provinces sustainable development, and increasingly become the two regional economic and social development of the powerful engine". Statistics show that since the opening of the Qinghai Tibet railway before operation from 2005 to 2015, GDP growth in Qinghai province from 64 billion 105 million yuan to 241 billion 705 million yuan, the Tibet autonomous region of GDP rose from 24 billion 880 million yuan to 102 billion 639 million yuan, the average annual growth rate remained at more than 10%.

2006 July 1st, the world’s attention to the Qinghai Tibet railway opened to traffic. As the world’s highest and longest, through the frozen earth the longest plateau railway mileage, to achieve a breakthrough in Tibet railway transport "zero" at the same time, it is like the iron dragon like between Qinghai Xining and Tibet Lhasa line thousands of miles, the shuttle, will open the idea of the exchange of mutual benefit and development of the kinetic energy Everfount delivery go out.

ten years ago, the Qinghai Tibet railway has become a regional economic and social development of the powerful "engine", on the one hand, has greatly improved the external traffic conditions of the two provinces, Qinghai and Tibet formed a railway transport framework coexist a variety of modes of transport backbone, basically meet the needs of people and logistics transportation demand. On the other hand, the strong support of the two sides of the resource advantages into economic advantages. Relying on cheap, fast and safe transportation security, comfort and convenience of the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Qinghai Tibet two provinces of the "green" agriculture and animal husbandry, the characteristics of Tibetan medicine, ethnic handicrafts and other industries to enter the country and the world market, benefiting thousands of households; Qaidam salt, stone resources recycling, Xining, Golmud, Nagqu Lhasa, a number of integrated logistics parks have been built and developed rapidly.

at the same time, the Qinghai Tibet railway has greatly shortened the distance between the snow covered plateau and the mainland, so that the unique snow scenery, folk customs, ecological landscape by more and more domestic and foreign tourists favor. From the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau data show that before the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2005, Qinghai received 6 million 365 thousand and 200 tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of $2 billion 573 million. 2015, Qinghai received 23 million 154 thousand tourists at home and abroad, the tourism income of $24 billion 803 million, respectively, before and after the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway 3.6 times and 7.3 times.

as of May 31st this year, the Qinghai Tibet railway company has transported 115 million passengers, transporting goods of more than 4.48 tons. Passenger and freight delivery by 6 million 482 thousand people in 2006, 24 million 910 thousand tons, up to 2015 of 23 million 384 thousand people, 44 million 49 thousand tons, the annual growth rate of 15.3%, respectively, 6.6%.


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