Huang fish migratory season on Qinghai Lake live show the perfect ending

June 13th, 7 days of CCTV "on the Qinghai Lake" large migratory season Huangshui fish live show successful ending. Compared to last year, the live broadcast of aerial photographs show every day, animals, characters and more details of the characteristics of the story.

it is understood that as large CCTV live broadcast, "Huang fish migratory season this year on Qinghai Lake" pre broadcast from June 7th, since June 8th formally launched, with Qinghai Lake as the main line, with the helicopter, four rotor UAV, underwater robots and other equipment, through the air, land, water and other shooting mode, then in the form of live and on the story, to show the audience Huang fish indomitable and persistent life journey, multi angle, fully embodied the Qinghai Lake "aquatic – Fish – birds – Prairie complex ecological symbiotic system.

tells Huang fish migration at the same time, not only to show "half water half river fish", "fish carp", "war birds" wonders, will the vision of the audience to the Gan River wetland, Spring Bay Wetland, Qinghai Lake for the audience to show the title of sandy area, ecological protection and governance effect. At the same time the lens into the water, and lead the audience to quest Qinghai underwater world.

in the broadcast, CCTV broadcast with "diary", "cliff Huang fish" reincarnation "," community "and" the cormorant wonderful story shows between Qinghai Lake surrounding water, birds, fish, human and natural harmony of the environment and the "plateau sapphire" fantastic beauty of landscape.

for the first time this year, CCTV broadcast for all-weather helicopter, also for 1500 Huang fish installed track "beacon", through the real-time data monitoring, tracking the migratory habits, Huangshui fish spawning path, etc..


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