From 4 90 yuan to adjust the price of natural gas central heating Xining 5 77

September 29th, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to formally determine the adjustment of natural gas heating prices in Xining area.


[standard] adjustment

– residential natural gas central heating from the current price of 4.90 yuan per square metre per month adjusted to 5.77 yuan per square meter per month, up 0.87 yuan per square meter per month, heating price increases to 17.76% residents; central heating prices comprising the construction area of land heating costs.

– non resident natural gas central heating prices continue to implement government guidance management, namely the central heating price in residential heating price 5.77 yuan per square metre per month on, allowed to go up 25%-30%, fall limited. Specific heating prices agreed by heating operating units in the scope of government guidance in consultations with users, and signed the agreement of non residents of central heating heating; price according to the actual construction area of land renting or owning property heating costs.

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