Hold the creation of Tibetan Dance Folk Dance Festival Xining nternational Symposium

August 18th morning, jointly organized by the China Dancers Association, the Federation in Qinghai Province, Qinghai province and Xining City Dancers Association of the second session of China · Xining International Dance Festival "creation" of Tibetan Dance Collection Qinghai seminar held at the Qinghai Convention center. China Dancers Association party secretary, deputy chairman Feng Shuangbai, Bai Shuxiang, Chinese Federation honorary member of the honorary chairman of China Dancers Association from outside the province and dance world renowned experts and scholars from more than 40 people gathered in a Tibetan dance this intangible cultural art research and development, inheritance and development of the exchange seminar.

Tibetan dance art exudes a unique aroma, has become an indispensable part of the long river of Qinghai culture. "The creation of" Tibetan Dance Collection seminar as an important part of this dance festival, not only for the theoretical study of Tibetan dance creation performance, provides a new platform for the exchange, at the same time, also in promoting Chinese excellent folk dance, play the advantages of traditional folk dance resources to promote play.

, Qinghai province Dancers Association introduced the development situation of our province Tibetan dance, experts and scholars inside and outside the province, with their own practical experience in the process of creation of the status quo, talk about the creation of Tibetan dance creation performance, future development and other aspects of experience. In the present development about Tibetan dance, the experts and scholars said that the Tibetan cultural level is very rich, there are a lot of excellent folk songs and the resources to be discovered, the development of Tibetan dance should rely more on their own Tibetan dance talents, firmly grasp the cultural heritage of their own, while encouraging the Tibetan dance artists "down to earth", deeply the masses, the grassroots, creation and arrangement of a series of reflecting the life of the masses, reflecting the life theme of the dance, to promote greater prosperity in a variety of Tibetan dance creation mode. (author: Xiao Liu)

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