Huangyuan seriously implement the military enterprises build demonstration village construction proj

since the military enterprises build a model village "activities, Huangyuan County carefully formulated to build a program, earnestly implement the construction project, the construction activities have achieved remarkable results.


activity, the county adhere to the "one village, a village planning style, a village, a village style characteristics, fully and accurately grasp the characteristics of the village and advantage in the industry, environment and other aspects of the work, identify the combination of points and focal points, scientific integration of various types of agricultural projects, updated and improved planning and design 18 model villages, and strive to build a strong flavor of the Huangshui River Watershed demonstration village of new rural construction; at the same time, professional and technical personnel deployed technical guidance and supervision team, increase the use of the whole process of project construction and capital supervision and inspection, strictly follow the" scientific planning and design, construction quality, project integration, reasonable strict supervision and management, financial guarantee full and timely disbursement of funds and the use of funds, regulate the safe and effective operation, so that "military enterprises build a model village" activity In order to promote the development of rural economy, "the leading project", the "leading project" of the new rural construction, the "Huimin project" and the comprehensive renovation of the environment".

up to now, a total of 24 types of activities related to the integration of the 114 types of agricultural projects, capital of more than 12900 yuan, of which the county financial support funds of $10 million 800 thousand, the implementation of the joint point of municipal units, enterprises, troops to build funds of more than 200 yuan. Complete the greening area of 23414 square meters, 26878 trees planted all kinds of trees, 11310 square meters of brick wall for the completion of 29200 square meters, the wall decoration, door 45 renovation completed. (author: Huo Qing)



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