nternet giant is in a period of anxiety

in 2015, has passed more than half this year, the Internet merge events one after another, the Internet era is coming, some of the Internet giant little anxious, worry about becoming merged a person.

add new entrants to Ctrip and where to go, with the scope of cover travel, classified information, group purchase, online travel four industries, these industries respectively in different growth period, the theory on future can accommodate two billions of dollars to the level of the company.

but small giants but no longer need such a future. In 2015, they chose the opponent and had played with the fight at outrance, looking back at the history of the Internet, this situation has never occurred.

although driving factors of each cases are not the same, but the common aspirations of competitive anxiety is involved in the merger of small giants.

When the

2015, all in acceleration forward, in a bound on the Internet in the annals of the year in the thick and heavy in colours every Internet, such as small giant General anxiety. Perhaps the best way to relieve the anxiety of the eyes to look ahead, but the little giants never worry, because the merger all disappeared.

competition anxiety

2015 February 14th, drops taxi and quick taxi announced merger. Before the merger, they are not optimistic about the situation: for taxi and car two big business, drops fast close combat, crazy subsidies. And while they are intertwined, international

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