Chinese Qinghai nternational nvitational curling opening

12 month 11 days, by the State General Administration of sports management center, winter sports bureau of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province Sports Association organized the first "red desert China Cup" Qinghai international curling tournament held in Qinghai Duoba altitude sports training base opening. 16 men and women from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, Russia, Germany, Czech, Finland, Norway and other 11 countries and regions and the national curling team Chinese men and women curling team will perform passion collision of fire and ice in the next 7 days, offering more than 20 match UPS for the majority of the audience. The first round, Chinese women’s curling team after a fierce battle, defeated the powerful American women’s curling team made a good start.

deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Suning, international curling Federation competition and development minister Keith, while the State Sports General Administration propaganda department inspector, deputy director, China Olympic Committee Deputy Secretary General Zhang Haifeng, winter sports management center of the State Sports General Administration Deputy Director Jiang Shicai attended the opening ceremony, the Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning at the opening ceremony on.

Zhang Ning said at the opening ceremony, Qinghai is the source of Sanjiang, the Chinese water tower, ice and snow is very rich in resources, with the natural conditions of the development of ice and snow sports. In recent years, the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government to seize the national "South exhibition West Expansion", three hundred million people on the ice and snow "northland snow" development plan, to build the international plateau ice and snow sports training base and ice and snow industry demonstration zone. The lake race series flagship brand events for the integration of development of mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry and tourism, culture, education, health, health, pension and other areas of the "Lake" started, to further expand and enhance the Qinghai influence in the country and the world and visibility. Today is an important international event landing in Qinghai, in the western region, but also in high altitude areas held such a high standard of curling tournament for the first time. In this China winter sports and World Curling history, have milepost significance.

Zhang Ning said that the north is snow elves, curling is graceful movement. Curling is a set of wisdom, mysterious and elegant in one of the traditional sports, sports skills, team sports, and combining, ages, a beautiful throw is a pot of good to hear or see ingenious layout, but also people’s praise, so there is a "ice chess" and "ice snooker" reputation. The tournament to "Plateau snow, cohesion winter dream" as the theme, to firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, development of green, open and shared, adhere to promote fitness, winter sports and health of Qinghai development and construction as the starting point and goal, to create an international standard, the characteristics of the times, the characteristics of the Plateau Snow Events brand for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, refuels.

after the opening ceremony, China women’s curling team began with the United States women’s curling team in the final showdown, after a fierce battle, Chinese women’s curling team in the United States to win the women’s curling team of dopa, made the tournament opener.


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