n the country 36 large and medium sized city in Xining city CP rose in the end

According to the Qinghai news network, Xining National Bureau of investigation team investigating the first half of the year, Xining residents consumer price index (CPI) compared with the same period last year rose 1.6%, rose 5.9 percentage points lower than the same period last year, rising food prices is the main reason for pulling the consumer price rise.The first half of the

– food prices Puzhang situation, in 16 kinds of food in the survey there are 12 kinds of prices, which rose more obvious, poultry oil rose 8.4%, rose 6.8%, aquatic products rose 12.5%, rose 17%, food sugar rose 8.4%, meals food rose 5.8%. Egg prices continued to run low from the beginning of the year to June rose sharply, but from the first half of the cumulative egg prices fell 10.2%.

– a record high price of beef and mutton, beef prices rose 23.1%, mutton prices rose 24%, meat by-products prices rose 34.9%, beef market retail price recently reached as high as 50 yuan per kilogram, the price of mutton 54 yuan per kilogram last year, pork prices rose a larger decline in the first half of 5.7%. The main reason is: the City cattle, sheep herds less, resulting in a shortage of supply of the market, supply is tight; feed prices continue to rise, increasing the cost of farming. In addition, due to the province’s beef, mutton meat is good, very favored by foreign businessmen, market demand and export efforts continue to increase, resulting in beef, mutton prices continued to rise.

– vegetable prices rose significantly, up 17%, a greater impact on the CPI, pulling the overall index rose 0.64 percentage points. Food prices are mainly affected by planting costs, "late spring coldness" and consumer demand and other factors, coupled with the home grown vegetables production capacity is limited, the purchase of a large number of market supply of vegetables from the outside, the main factor is the price of vegetables rose.

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